Red Fairy Dust Necklace with Goddess Charm

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Red Fairy Dust Necklace with Goddess Charm – Created by Jenn Owens @ FilthyFairySundriesAndTreasures

Much like our mermaids, we do not torture our fairies to get their dust. We do, however, make sure to keep plenty of feathers around for tickling. Each bottle is carefully filled with the precious fairy dust in hopes that one day it will make it to you and bring a smile to your face. So what are you waiting for? Good fairies were tickled mercilessly for this dust!

What you get ... 

You will receive the pendant shown in the photos.


Not a zombie chew toy…

Please be careful as this is a glass bottle and could break if treated roughly. Please avoid exposure to chemicals as they could damage the cork, glass or cord. I'd keep it away from wood chippers though, I hear they are kind of cranky and bite-y and not really good for resin or paint or even human flesh for that matter.

*These items are handmade. Each piece is unique. The color may not be exactly as shown, we all know that photos can never do a color justice no matter what kind of lighting or lens is used. Also, please take in to consideration that every screen is different. Whether you are viewing from a computer monitor or a phone, color and lighting is not ever the same.