Purple and Orange Mermaid Tears Pendant

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Purple and Orange Mermaid Tears Pendant – Created by Jenn Owens @ FilthyFairySundriesAndTreasures

We do not torture our mermaids to get their tears. We gently sit them down in front of a romantic movie that has your emotions all kinds of crazy and when the happy ending happens, BAM! Happy mermaid tears. It is just so much easier that way. We have a few different colors for you to chose from, each with a little glittery magic of their own, ready to bring a little smile and laughter to your day.

What you get ... 

You will receive the pendant shown in the photos. 


Not a zombie chew toy…

Please be careful as this is a glass bottle and could break if treated roughly. Please avoid exposure to chemicals as they could damage the cork, glass or cord. I'd keep it away from wood chippers though, I hear they are kind of cranky and bite-y and not really good for resin or paint or even human flesh for that matter.

*These items are handmade. Each piece is unique. The color may not be exactly as shown, we all know that photos can never do a color justice no matter what kind of lighting or lens is used. Also, please take in to consideration that every screen is different. Whether you are viewing from a computer monitor or a phone, color and lighting is not ever the same.