Gold / Black Hand Painted Square Pendant/Necklace

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Gold / Black Hand Painted Square Pendant/Necklace – Created by Jenn Owens @ FilthyFairySundriesAndTreasures

Sometimes you need something a little unique. Maybe something a little funky. Definitely something one of a kind. Why not treat yourself to a little fun with this one of a kind, hand painted, resin domed, pendant on an adjustable satin cord. The pendant itself is lead-free, nickel-free, and cadmium-free. This was a lot of fun to create. All of the pieces that were created in this line have their own personalities and are different. Subtle color shifts and movements. They were all domed with resin to help protect the artwork so it can be worn just about anywhere. I put a one yard satin adjustable cord on the pieces to make sure that just about anyone can wear them at whatever desired length, and since the cord is satin the adjustment should be easy.


What you get ... 

You will receive the pendant shown in the photos. Pendant is 1 inch/25mm. 


Not a zombie chew toy…

Please avoid exposure to chemicals as they could damage the resin. However, it is waterproof so if you drop it in the water for whatever reason, or take a shower with it, it should be good to go without a problem. I'd keep it away from wood chippers though, I hear they are kind of cranky and bite-y and not really good for resin or paint or even human flesh for that matter.

*This item is handmade and may vary in color from the pictures. Each piece is unique. Besides, we all know that photos can never do a color justice no matter what kind of lighting or lens is used. Also, please take in to consideration that every screen is different. Whether you are viewing from a computer monitor or a phone, color and lighting is not ever the same.