Deep Breath Perfume Oil

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Deep Breath:

Inhale. Take a deep breath. Hold for a moment. Exhale. Let it all go. This is a balancing essential and fragrance oil blend of lavender, sandalwood, and a hint of amber. It helps soothe you, allowing you to set aside the chaos. It is a special scent, with the two main components blending in to a harmony unlike any other. A little reminder through the day of just how wonderful and useful a deep breath can be in anyone's life. 

Perfume oils are concentrated fragrance in a base of jojoba oil - super light, quickly absorbed, and non-staining. Because they're rolled on instead of sprayed, the scent is worn closer to the body than typical alcohol-based sprays, so you're not going to knock over everyone you walk past (which is a good thing, right?) The scent also doesn't evaporate as quickly as with alcohol-based perfumes, and you don't have to wait for the alcohol smell to dissipate before you get the true scent of the perfume. 

We chose jojoba oil instead of fractionated coconut oil, like the majority of other companies, because of the issues we have seen with more and more people being allergic to coconut oil. Also, we have found that the jojoba oil has no real scent of its own. This means there is no muddying of the fragrance with even the slightest outside influence from the carrier oil. The same can not be said for fractionated coconut oil. 

Each bottle is a .3oz (10ml) roll on perfume bottle. We chose to go with metal roller balls as they have a much smoother glide than that of plastic.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, fragrance.